Eczema step 1:My eczema

Published August 15, 2016 by beaker12

Okay eczema is horrible. There is no overcoming it. It’s a horrible horrible thing that no one should experience and me personally it has lowered my self confidence loads. 

My eczema is the worst cause it’s all over my face, my neck, my arms and legs and the worst is the face. 

The face is where everyone stares and for me it’s on my cheeks, forehead and eyebrows. This has meant a loss of my eyebrows and a frequent weeping mess.

The first thing to deal with eczema is this: STOP THE ITCH

Okay I know, from experience this is a ridiculous and annoying thing that people say “stop itching” and you want to say I can’t but they won’t understand. 

Try anything like cutting your nails as horrible as it may seem (especially girls) but it will help. 

Something in your hand to distract you. 

Also if your skin weeps DO NOT TOUCH IT! If will infect it as bacteria from your finger will go into the open wound. 

Baby Powder and Savlon can stop this temporarily so that can be a quick fix.

For more tips comment below and tell me about your eczema xx Bitsy



Published March 30, 2015 by beaker12

(Side note: Hi guys and before I go on I just want to say I am posting after a month nearly two)

Stuff what a great specific title Bitsy. I know it’s not great but it’s short and straight to the point which is what this blog is going to be.

This post is going to be a bit deep so be prepared.. 

This all started with this video “the suicide experiment” by fouseytube.

It lead to different videos and got me thinking do I have too much stuff and  am I greedy?

Personally, I don’t think having lots of stuff makes you a bad person as its normal to want to have things, it is what drives us as human beings but are there stuff you have that you don’t need and could give away?

So I am going to do some posts on giving away stuff.

But first be thankful fur what you have as people would do anything for it x 

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Bitsandbobs 11

Published December 11, 2014 by beaker12

Hi guys so today is ways to ways to get out of a bad present

1. A bad Christmas jumper

The classic but first of all don’t lie and don’t take the advice from Harry Potter SPOILER ALERT! When Ron and Harry just accept Mrs Weasely’s knitted jumper

First says thank you and don’t say but afterwards as it automatically makes the next sentence negative say and instead
So – Thank You and I know you love the style of this jumper and I know your style is different to mine so unfortunately I can’t wear it as I have nothing to match it however I know it will match your wardrobe perfectly and don’t worry about buying anything extra for me as it is my fault I don’t have your taste in clothes

This explanation makes sure that you compliment their taste, give a good explanation and it doesn’t worry or blame them and your telling the truth!

Bad answer: It’s lovely I’ll wear it everyday

I hate it!

For grandmas as it is hard to upset them say:

Wow! It’s really special as you made it yourself so I don’t want to ruin so I can’t wear it instead I’ll keep it safe in my cupboard but thank you!

Here you’re not lying

Bitsandbobs 9 & 10!

Published December 10, 2014 by beaker12

Ok I lost dancing for an hour it is 😦
But I’m gonna still blog and I love you guys so much so I thought of this-

How to make the best of a bad Christmas

1. Travelling
on Christmas Day is horrible but here is how you can make it great

Pack in a Christmas bag and your comfy clothes even pajamas and get changed into them before you travel

Slippers to snuggle up to

Your favourite Christmas CD’s to play in the car

Make yourself a Turkey sandwich – your Christmas dinner

By cute driving presents for your family like driving gloves

2. Spending Christmas with people you don’t know

Make friends it is a great opportunity!

3. Stuck at home or snowed in

Cuddle up in your comfy clothes on the sofa and watch Christmas movies with a warm drink like hot chocolate

Have your own Christmas dinner together

4. Being sick

On netflick or on demand watch your favourite Christmas movies

Get your mum or dad to make some cute Christmas dinner snacks like turkey cocktails

Sleep and celebrate Christmas another day like Boxing Day it is better to enjoy Christmas than be ill!

Bitsandbobs 8 – still going strong!

Published December 8, 2014 by beaker12

Welcome to day 8

Today is homemade makeup and nail Xmas decorations

What you need:

Themed coloured nail varnish and makeup

1. Gather some makeup and nail varnish that has a theme colour I chose red and gold (you don’t need to buy any your mum,dad or sister may have one


2. Tie bobbles or elastic bands around the item like this


3. Thread the ribbon under on the bobble on the back on the item and keep threading

4. Done! And hang it